Raconteur Denver
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Raconteur Denver is a live storytelling event that combines the joy of exploring new locations, meeting new people, and hearing stories from Denver's diverse communities.

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    34 - Jess Robblee - Spectacular Failures

    Jess Robblee wants to do a good deed, and were the topic anything other than "spectacular failures" we're sure it would have gone off without a hitch...

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    32 - Gifty Amponsem - Spectacular Failures

    Gifty Amponsem shares the tale of her 27th birthday and how a wilderness adventure gone wrong caused her to re-evaluate most of her life choices.

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    31 - Dawn Fay - Nicknames

    Wonderbound Producing Director and former Professional Ballet Dancer, Dawn Fay shares tales of nicknames she has had throughout her life from a very young child cheating at Monopoly to her professional career, she's had quite the plethora of monikers thrown her way.

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    30 - Nicknames - Impromptu Raconteurs

    Impromptu Raconteurs share tales of nicknames. Pete has a squirrel situation. As he takes care of that he questions whether wild animals have nicknames. Gifty has a unique name, a name that is constantly either forgotten, approximated or assumed to be a nickname. How could something like this even happen? She tells us the tale of her birth.

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    29 - Nathan Lund - Nicknames

    Denver Comedian Nathan Lund shares tales of nicknames from the ones we choose ourselves, to the ones we give to loved ones and expounds on how a nickname once caused an all out Battle Royale.

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    28 - Gwen Lassen - Nicknames

    Gwen Lassen shares an embarrassing fact about herself - she can't remember your name! But she'll create one heck of a nickname for you.

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    27 - David Rynhart - Arrested

    David Rynhart shares a tale of his musical travels in a van that ran on vegetable-oil and the night that the search for fuel caused everything to go awry.

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    26 - Arrested - Impromptu Raconteurs

    Impromptu Raconteurs share tales of arrest. A motorcycle crash brings Andy's past back to haunt him. Adam discovers that $1,000 can mean all the difference between imprisonment and freedom. Laura meets her comedic hero. Kayanne is arrested by her own inability to accept herself. Dan has an unfortunate encounter with the law.

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    25 - Brenton Weyi - Arrested

    Brenton Weyi shares a tale of an evening of "turning up" with Jon Kesselman, self discovery and love long gone. Story from the January 10, 2017 Raconteur event at the Ubi Sub Ubi Room with the topic of Arrested.

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